© 2020 by Cat McClay + Éiméar McClay

You Couldn’t Tell The Difference
Between a Snowflake and a Star





Trading Zone 2019, Talbot Rice, Edinburgh (25 May - 22nd June 2019).
Futurelab, West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai, China (25 November - 1 December 2019).
Are You Still Watching? [online] (22 June - 13 July 2020).


As identical twins, we have regularly been subjected to unwanted attention and invasive interest: from being photographed on the street by strangers, to facing predictable and repeated questions related solely to our similar physical appearances. In response, our work You Couldn’t Tell the Difference Between a Snowflake and a Star (2019) is a collective attempt to reclaim ownership over our idividual images. To accomplish this, we used Photoshop as a tool to create magic; fragmenting and dismembering our own bodies to build a virtual dreamscape for viewers to enter and experience our alternative reality. Childlike colours clash with abject forms, all coated in viscous film from passing snails. Each video acts as a separate window or trapdoor into our fantastical other world. Motifs of witchcraft, nature, and dislocated limbs and digits that float by are digitally fragmented and re-assembled to create unnerving, playful scenarios.