© 2020 by Cat McClay + Éiméar McClay


Our collaborative practice considers ideas of queerness, abjection and patriarchal systems of power and oppression through an interdisciplinary body of work comprising video, 3D models, installation and digital collage; it draws on and seeks to examine the historical narration of the queer body within heteronormative society. Ideas of mutual care and empowerment underpin our collaborative work. We each find developing projects in conversation with a collaborator both generative and cathartic; this approach allows us to support and encourage one another in a relationship that rejects individualism. Our practice has a strong theoretical basis, which makes reading central to our research. We focus particularly on queer theory and experimental literature, and aspire to make such texts more tangible by illustrating their often abstruse philosophical and theoretical ideas through colourful animation and personal narratives. By amalgamating striking visuals, academic research, politics and references to popular culture, we aim to collapse hierarchies between high and low cultural material. Coming from a conservative, Catholic background in rural Ireland, we each have an embodied understanding of both the pervasive influence of religion, and the social expression of the normative values espoused by religious institutions. Expanding on this in our work, we explore the influence that dominant cultural texts – including the bible – have over identity formation, focussing particularly on how they both shape and are shaped by societal attitudes.


 2015 ︎ 2016 

Leeds College of Art ︎ Foundation Diploma in Art & Design(Distinction grade)

 2017 ︎ 2020 

Edinburgh College of Art ︎ Intermedia Art BA (Hons)
(First-Class Honours)


 Bloomberg  New Contemporaries 2020 selected artists 
 Friends of the University of Edinburgh Visual Art Award 2020 
 RSA New Contemporaries 2021 
 Circa Class of 2020 
 i-D and ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduate Show 2020 shortlisted artists 


 Hospitalfield Graduate Residency 2021